A: Effective Planning and Preparation

The table below shows the standards and benchmarks for this area. Please click on documents or links to see evidence.

Standards and Benchmarks

Year 1
2008 - 2009
Year 2
2009 - 2010
Year 3
2010 - 2011

A1: Content knowledge and pedagogy

Displays relevant content knowledge
*Please click here to see Animal Farm materials
Connects curriculum and real world in a variety of ways
*Please click here to see Night materials
Demonstrates pedagogy that reflects current research on best practices

A2: Knowledge of students - evidence

Allows for flexible adjustments based on students’/class needs
Chooses content and assessment that appropriately reflects students' knowledge, experience, and developmental needs where appropriate
Utilizes assessments to improve knowledge of students

A3: Effective planning and organization - evidence

Designs instruction based on SAS standards and benchmarks
Designs coherent instruction
Demonstrates knowledge of resources
Utilizes assessments to guide instructional planning
Participates in collaborative planning