C: Professional Responsibilities

C: Professional Responsibilities
Year 1
2008 - 9

Year 2
2009 -10

Year 3
2010 - 11

C1 Adheres to professional ethical standards - evidence
Honors human dignity
# Models and encourages respect for intellectual and cultural values
  1. Models and encourages integrity, responsibility and moral action
  2. Models and encourages emotional wellness, care, compassion and commitment to the learning community
  3. Develops relationships with students, colleagues and parents that are based on trust, empathy, fairness and honesty
  4. Practices professional trust, confidentiality and reliability


C2 Fosters effective communication
  1. Communicates in a timely manner with students, colleagues, and parents.
  2. Communicates in a clear, respectful and appropriate manner. Please click this link to see evidence in the form of email communication with parents, supporting both benchmarks above.

C3 Fosters positive relationships within the learning community
  1. Cultivates a professional working relationship with colleagues - evidence
  2. Establishes and maintains relationships with parents and students to support student growth and development - evidence
  3. Demonstrates dedication in their care and commitment to students
  4. Supports SAS vision, mission, core values and EAGLES
  5. Participates in, and supports, team decision making and team-building - evidence

C4 Demonstrates service to the learning community - evidence
  1. Participates in community events, student activities and /or school improvement initiatives
  2. Demonstrates involvement in student life and co-curricular activities.


C5 Commits to ongoing professional learning - evidence
  1. Engages in self evaluation
  2. Seeks opportunities for professional growth to support SAS school improvement initiatives
  3. Commits to on-going self-directed learning that is informed by experience, research, collaboration and knowledge
  4. Promotes and participates in collaborative, safe, and supportive learning communities