D: Learning Environment

Standards & Benchmarks
Year 1
08 - 09
Year 2
Year 3
D1:Mutual respect is evident from interactions between students and teacher - evidence
  1. Models and encourages appropriate language
  2. Encourages and supports the strengths of all students - evidence
  3. Models and promotes fairness, equity and respect
  4. Establishes a classroom environment that empowers students to take intellectual risks- evidence
  5. Embraces the cultural diversity and individuality of students

D2: Teacher and students demonstrate a positive disposition towards learning
  1. Models and encourages supportive and positive language - evidence
  2. Fosters student enthusiasm for, and curiosity about, the discipline - evidence
  3. Establishes a collaborative environment


D3: Teacher demonstrates effective management
  1. Intervenes and addresses behavioral issues effectively
  2. Develops and implements effective classroom procedures and routines - evidence
  3. Maintains clear expectations and standards of behavior - evidence
  4. Empowers students to solve problems and resolve conflicts

D4: Teacher establishes an effective physical learning environment
  1. Creates a learning environment that is safe, functional, and inviting - evidence
  2. Ensures materials are accessible
  3. Creates an environment that promotes student learning and active student engagement - evidence
  4. Adapts the physical space to accommodate individual and group learning needs - evidence