A2 - Knowledge of students

Evidence 1: Please see the quotations below from my 2010 parent survey; I think they show that from the students' and parents' point of view I know my students well and adapt my planning and teaching to meet their needs.
1. Ms. Kemsley really sees the positive qualities in
all of her students and looks to build on those. I
am also very glad to see that she is reviewing grammar with the students.

2. Mrs Kemsley is creative in English class, making it
more fun and interesting. She focuses on our
strengths and weaknesses, being strict in a good way.

Evidence 2: I regularly use self assessment tools to monitor my students' knowledge of their own learning and needs. I use the targets they set for themselves to inform my teaching of the next unit.

Evidence 3: After most assessments I give detailed and specific feedback on what students did well, and what they could improve on in future; in other words, their performance on an assessment influences my teaching.

A3 - Effective Planning & Preparation
  • I regularly collaborate with colleagues
  • I have planned a new Media Literacy Course using SAS standards and benchmarks, essential questions, and assessment for learning
  • My students acknowledge that my lessons are well- planned:

In my 2011 IB student survey 100% of students strongly agreed with the statement that their teacher "conducts class sessions in an organized, well-planned manner."

Some of them added:
"Each class had goals and structure"

"You unfailingly have a lesson plan!"

"YES! There is a handout each class with times!"