D: Learning Environment Evidence

D1 and D2

I think the comments below from the March 2010 parent survey effectively demonstrate that many of my students find my classroom interesting and engaging:

"Ms Kemsley really sees the positive qualities in all of her students and looks to build on those."

"Very encouraging to my daughter! Makes her feel like she can achieve anything!"

"My child finds the class inspiring. Ms Kemsley encourages her students to think. She emotes a positive attitude and students find it easy to connect with her."

"Ms Kemsley is creative in English class, making it more fun and interesting."

"My child tells me Ms Kemsley is a very enthusiastic teacher. Her teaching methods are effective and engaging."

"She is knowledgeable in her area of expertise, she gets the students to actively join in the class, and she is constantly changing the way that the students learn, she has a good sense of humour."

"Makes class very fun and interesting. Has a good relationship with her students. Seeks out to personally help them."

D3 - Teacher demonstrates effective management - February 2009

Benchmarks Two & Three: Procedures and Routines, standards of behaviour
Some of the ways in which I manage my classroom effectively are by using routines and clear expectations to prevent disruptive behaviour from occuring. For example, I use seating plans for my Grade 9 classes, which change on a quarterly basis:
In addition, I give the students clear activities and time limits which keep them focused and on task - this also prevents disruptive behaviour. Students are expected to be respectful of each other and me at all times, which includes listening to others during discussion and feedback and not talking at the same time.
Homework is written on the same part of the board for every class, lesson objectives are most often made clear, and there are clear and consistently enforced consequences for unacceptable behaviour. For example, late homework is marked at 10% off by all English teachers unless an extension has been granted prior to the deadline, so students know to take responsibility for getting their work in on time no matter which English teacher they have.